My Favourite Photograph


This photograph of a Naga tribal woman clicked by me in a remote village of Manipur, the north eastern Indian state some 10-11 years ago is my favourite among all the photographs ever taken by me.

I had to go to the village of Chakpikarong for some official work and I stayed there for a couple of days. On the second day , in the evening when my work was over, I went for a walk around the village. My film SLR strung around my neck I was looking for some photo opportunity. And there I came across this old woman who was selling peanuts and some other snacks by the street. She was more than happy to allow me to click her picture and immediately she started to get her hair in  place. I requested her to be just as she was so as to capture a candid picture.

The mellow evening light gives the photograph all the charm it has got. What I like most about this woman is her face; a criss-cross of wrinkles. It’s beautiful to see wrinkles running from everywhere to everywhere. I also like the way her silver hair is scattered over her face.

The featured image for this post is of  the Loktak lake in Manipur, the largest freshwater lake in the north eastern India.




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  1. Perfect shot my friend. She is so beautiful.

    Wasn’t it risky to visit visit Nagaland at those times??

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    1. Mahesh Nikam says:

      I had clicked in a village in Manipur and not in Nagaland. You can easily travel around both these states quite safely. No risk if you take certain precautions.
      Thanks for your compliment.


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