Photography:Recreating The World

Ever since I was a child, I have been very much fascinated by photography. One of the best devices ever invented is the camera. It’s with the camera that people have been able to create wonderful moments which can be relished whenever one wants later on. Some of the most poignant moments of history come to through photographs. They make history alive for us. In fact, some photographs make a profound impact on us. Photographers all over have been using it to bring awareness about some of most urgent issues of the world.
As I already told of my fascination for a camera, it was not until very late in my life that I could own a camera. I always longed for a camera but never dared to ask my father about it. So, it was only much dreaming of owning one someday! The first camera I bought was a Kodak compact film camera. What a joy it was! But unfortunately Couldn’t click images to heart’s content. And you know why, the film was expensive and developing it too. In those days it was a costly affair. Nonetheless, this camera was a source of profound joy.
Later when I got a job, the SLR was an object of my desire. So, when I had got one or two salaries I decided to go for one. Of course budget was a big consideration. So had to settle down with Russian manufactured Vivitar. No doubt, many images were clicked with that camera too. Some of them really interesting ones. Those images occupy special significance in my life. But the film was gradually phased out. So, my Vivitar was relegated to a shelf.
But next camera; an Olympus compact was an upgrade in one sense and downgrade in other. Upgrade as it is digital and downgrade as its a compact. Most of my images shared by me on social media over the years come from this camera. Recently, my Nokia Lumia 620 is making a great contribution too. So ask me my dream next. I am sure you can guess it right! Yes it’s the DSLR which I dream of owning soon.
Cameras aside, all my photographs have given me a tremendous joy. Whenever I go through these photographs I take a walk down the memory lane. It’s so good after all! Every image I click is joy in anticipation. Actually, photography is all about visualization and anticipation. I don’t claim to be a great photographer, and yet I have seen some of my photographs making people happy. And most importantly they make me happy.
Any hobby in the world is primarily meant to give joy to those who pursue it. It’s later that they want to share this joy with others. This has led to the rise of photo sites such as Picasa, Flickr, Instagram and so on. The amount of photographs shared by users on these sites is simply mind boggling! Photography is one of the most widely pursued hobbies all over the world. Travel and photography go hand in hand. That’s exactly the reason we see millions of splendid photographs scattered all the over the net. I am happy that I, too, am a  part of this revolution. Actually, photography is recreating the world around us through our photographs. That’s why we very much want to share those beautifully recreated moments with others.
Photography doesn’t always need expensive and sophisticated equipment. One needs to have an element of imagination and visualization to create some very good images. Right framing and good angles, sometimes some really crazy angles make great photographs. And yes, some little knowledge of light is very important. The images I have shared here have been taken with all my humble cameras mentioned above. And yet, they appeal to people, I think.
So, what are you waiting for? Go grab a camera and start clicking. Start with some inexpensive camera and begin clicking in your very courtyard and neighborhood. You never know how good some images come out from there! Looking forward to seeing great images from you guys….Happy clicking!

Below are some of the images taken by me over years with my humble cameras…For more you can follow me on Instagram @nikammahesh

sunsetwalk by the seafishermendiu jettygauriwrinklessikridamansunset


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Lalit Deshmukh says:

    Hi Mahesh, Beautiful photography n beautiful description. everyone find enjoyable ….
    FANTASTIC…… keep it up

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mnikam1976 says:

      Thanks a lot Dada. Usually many of my students asked me to write something, but I am lazy of writing. So, I decided that atleast I should start blogging.
      Your words have been very encouraging. Good to know you liked reading.


  2. Rohit Patil says:

    Nice blog sir..
    Now it is again possible for us to enjoy ur banquet of beautiful photography and travelling experiences(as we are missing it from long time).Thank u sir…


    1. mnikam1976 says:

      Thanks Rohit. I am happy you love my photography and travel experiences.You will have more of them in the days to come.


  3. Deep Viramgama says:

    Sir, this is an wonderful article, i have ever read before. Please keep it up to inspirid me for photography
    -Deep Viramgama (XI sci,JNV Bhavnagar)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mnikam1976 says:

      Thanks a lot Deep for your kind words.


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